Do you like to walk?  I do.

I think better when I’m walking, which is why this blog has been christened, HeadTrails.

Hi! My name is Jam. I’m the sole writer and editor of this little space in the net. Which is no surprise, because I am also a very “occasional” writer and editor. I treat this space…like a garden. As long as the weeds don’t reach my knees, everything’s shipshape.

I’m Filipino and living in the Philippines. I’ve got a pin that says, “Certified SCI-FI and FANTASY Geek” and am a  member of DoodleThursday and HearTheArt. I am an organizer for Iloilo Comic Con 2014 and a semi-permanent fixture at Iloilo Cinematheque, a local gathering hole for artists, art enthusiasts, and weirdos.

My staple foods are: rice, eggs, and hotdogs.

I write (occasionally), draw (occasionally), and compose music (never).

My passion: To help in the growth and stability of the art community in Iloilo.





I can also be found on:

The Leaky Pencil
Instagram: Jamlebrilla

5 thoughts on “Hello

  1. “Walking through creepy places” <– Tabi-Tabi po, nuno sa punso. (I really do say this everytime I visit our farm and If I happen to see a "Punso". My brain would always tell me to not bother the people living inside it, RESPECT!) Creepy as it may sound I'll always walk pass it w/ cold feet pretending not to see it and convincing myself that I won't be followed or be hated by them Hahaha.

    • I love stories like that. I’ve always been fascinated by the superstitions that have become part of our culture. I used to do what you’re doing when I was little, but over time, I kinda forgot about these little stories. Now I’m trying to get them back. :D

      • Haha, It’s always fun when you’re with friends and they too seem to follow those old beliefs like
        Not “Cutting your nails during night time” so if it’s like 11:59PM we still have to wait for a minute to cut.
        “Not letting your mirrors/doors face each other” because it would open a gateway from the other side of the world “Spirit World” Hahaha. Even my mom still believes in these stuff and I think it makes the kids more interested about our culture. :D

        “Do get them back (*wink)”
        – Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

      • We have a “No cutting your nails during night time” belief? Bugger, I didn’t know that. o_O. That certainly is interesting. I wonder where that came from. Mostly when we have superstitions beliefs, there’s always a reason for it, like there are spirits in the trees, in funerals, in churches, in farms, etc… But nails, that’s very interesting.

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